Learn How To Let Your Teen Customize Drapes For Their Bedroom

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Learn How To Let Your Teen Customize Drapes For Their Bedroom

4 August 2016
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Teenagers love to be able to show their unique style by the way that they decorate their room. Hanging posters on the wall, choosing bold paint colors, and choosing bedding that is bright and unique are all common ways that teens customize their room. If you want your teen to be able to customize their space even more, consider allowing them to create custom draperies to hang in their room. The guide below walks you through the quick and easy process your teen can use to create one-of-a-kind draperies to hang in their room.

Choose Solid Colored Drapes

The first thing your child needs to do is to choose a set of solid colored drapes to use on their windows. The drapes need to be solid in color so that the customization can easily be seen. It will be best to use dark or bold colors for the drapes to make the design easy to see.

Iron the Drapes

Next, you need to have your teen iron the drapes so that they are as smooth as they can be. Remind them to look at the tag on the drapes to find out what setting the iron needs to be on so that it doesn't cause any damage to the drapes when they iron them.

Choose the Perfect Design

Next, you need to have your teen choose a design that he or she really likes. They can choose a stencil from a local craft store to use to create the design or freehand a quick and easy design that matches well with the other decor in their bedroom.

Create the Design

Have your child lay the drape flat on a table. Your teen then needs to lay the stencil on the drape where they want the design to be. Dab a cotton ball into bleach and then dab it directly onto the open portions of the design in the stencil. If your child wants to freehand a design, there are now pens available in the laundry aisle that has bleach in them to create pinpoint accuracy when removing stains. They work great for free handing designs on fabrics.

Allow the bleach to dry and then your child can hang their works of art on their windows. To make them look even more visually intriguing, consider using a decorative curtain rod to hang the curtains. The decorative curtain rods are often very inexpensive and can really impact the overall look of the curtains in a positive way when your teen is done.

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