How To Decorate A Fireplace Mantel By Season

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How To Decorate A Fireplace Mantel By Season

9 April 2017
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If you your living room features a fireplace, it's likely the centerpiece of the space. Whether it features modern marble, rustic brick or charming vintage carved wood details, a fireplace adds more to a home than just warmth during the cold fall and winter months. Even when it's not in use, you can put your fireplace to work by showcasing decorative elements such as candles and holiday items. 

A fireplace mantel is the ideal place to display seasonal decor pieces all throughout the year. Since it's typically the first thing people notice when entering a room, a fireplace is perfect for showing off all of your favorite memorabilia, antiques, family heirlooms and holiday items.

Here are some ideas for decorating your fireplace mantel year-round:


Show off your love of spring and Easter by transforming your fireplace mantel into a colorful, flower-filled space. As one simple idea, fill a large crystal vase with a bouquet of vibrant tulips and place it in the center of the mantel. For an alternative look, place two smaller tulip-filled vases at each end of the mantel, and fill the middle with pink, yellow and green candles or potted plants.

You can add other greenery by hanging either a real of faux ivy garland across the front of the mantel. Hang a country-inspired chalkboard with the words "Welcome Spring" or "Happy Easter" on the wall above the mantel. 


During the summer months, your fireplace mantel is a perfect place for displaying all of your  vacation memories. Fill seashell-decorated frames with family photos, and line them up across the mantel. Place white and blue tealight candles, starfish, jars filled with sea glass, or any other beach-inspired decor items in between the photos. 

Show off your patriotic side with festive red, white and blue pieces, such as pillar candles or mason jars filled with mini flags. You can also string a flag banner across the front of the mantel. Since you won't be using the fireplace, fill it with different-sized LED candles to give the room a cozy feel without the heat. 


As summer turns into autumn, fill your mantel with small gourds and pumpkins, vases featuring stems of red, gold and orange leaves, and rustic wrought iron candle holders featuring spice-scented votives.

For Halloween, display a sparkly black tree filled with small pumpkin, skeleton, witch hat and bat ornaments, haunted houses, or orange and white pumpkins elevated on cake stands for an elegant look. 


During the winter, use your fireplace mantel to display snow globes, small Christmas trees, poinsettia-filled vases, nativity scenes or jars filled with candy canes, depending on your preference. 

You can also use the mantel to display your family's Christmas stockings and holiday cards from friends and loved ones.