3 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Company To Buy Custom Countertops From

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3 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Company To Buy Custom Countertops From

12 April 2017
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When it comes to buying custom countertops, it's important to consider more than just the reputation, experience, and reliability of the company you decide to purchase from. Here are a few important questions to have addressed when consulting with prospective companies and deciding who you want to work with:

Are There any Redesign Fees?

An important question to consider when consulting with prospective custom countertop providers is whether there are any redesign fees and if so, what are they? While you may be confident in your initial countertop design, but after a couple of days of pondering it, you might just end up wanting to make some changes before finalizing the design for production. So, it's a good idea to have a clear understanding of what each design change might cost you, especially if changes are requested once production has begun. This will help you set accurate expectations when it comes to your preferred installation timeline and overall budget.

Are Timeline Guarantees Offered?

Another thing to consider when deciding who to contract your custom countertop project to is timeline guarantees. While some companies may not offer any guarantees at all, others may ensure that the project will be done within a specific timeframe once the production of your countertops begins. Ask each prospective company to provide you with their work timeline guarantees in writing so you can compare them to each other and make sure you know exactly what to expect no matter who you decide to ultimately work with.  

What Warranties are Available?

Your countertops will likely come with a basic manufacturer's warranty. However, it's worth inquiring about extended warranties that you might be eligible for that will provide you with several years' worth of financial protection that can come in handy if something happens to your countertops as time goes on. Ask for a copy of any warranties that will be available to you upon purchasing your custom countertops and compare the price, protection length, as well as the covered repairs and maintenance that are included in each one. Make sure the company you purchase your custom countertops from will honor your chosen extended warranty and do the repair or maintenance work themselves so you don't have to go through any third-party companies later down the line.

Make your own list of questions and considerations to add to the ones outlined here so you have an outline to use during your consultations that will help ensure nothing important is overlooked. Visit a site like citrineus.com for more help.