Storage Unit Organization: Four Ideas You Can Use

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Storage Unit Organization: Four Ideas You Can Use

22 April 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Your self-storage unit gives you a great way to declutter your home and keep your items safely stored away. The key to finding items when you need them is to have an organization plan in place. Here are some organization ideas you can use to keep your storage unit organized and tidy.

Tool Chests

Tool chests aren't just for the garage. Placing one in your storage unit can provide a handy way to organize small items while keeping everything in a central location. You can use a tool chest for craft supplies, gardening tools, hardware, or even small toys. This type of storage is also ideal if you'll be using your storage unit as a crafting area or workshop. You can opt for chests that feature lots of small drawers for tiny items, or you can select a chest with large cabinets for storing power tools or other big items.

Picture Systems

Whether you use boxes or plastic storage bins to hold your personal items, consider putting a picture system in place. Take and print pictures of the items stored in each container, and tape them to the ends of the containers that will be visible in the storage unit. This prevents you from having to dig through boxes to find the items you want to retrieve from the storage unit. If you have large boxes filled with many items, you can take several pictures, which can be placed in clear plastic sleeves. The sleeves can be secured to the boxes, and they can be removed whenever you need to look for specific items.

Closet Organizers

You can use closet organizers in your storage unit to keep things sorted and easily accessible. Select at least one organizer that includes dowel rod for hanging clothing in garment bags, and invest in another organizer with shelves for storing small boxes. An organizer with drawers can be ideal for storing paper goods and photos. Use a canvas tarp to cover each organizer to keep them shielded from dirt and dust.

Flatbed Dolly

If you have large or heavy items stored inside your unit, consider keeping a flatbed dolly inside. This can be used to move large boxes out of the way when accessing your items, and it can also be used to haul items to your vehicle. You can even place a few dollies in the unit and permanently place the largest items on them, which makes it easier to rearrange your items as needed.

Before you invest in an organization tools, take an inventory of the items you need to store. This will help you to determine how many containers, shelving systems, and other accessories you will need to keep your unit looking neat and tidy.

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