3 Ways To Ensure Your Granite Countertops Look Great For Years

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3 Ways To Ensure Your Granite Countertops Look Great For Years

10 September 2017
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Having granite countertops installed in your home is a long-term investment. Granite countertops can improve the visual appeal of your kitchen and can improve the overall value of your home. To retain the improved visual appeal in your kitchen as well as the improved home value, you need to make sure you are taking proper care of your granite countertops.

#1 Wipe Up Spills Right Away

Even when you properly seal your granite countertop, acidic substances can still damage it. To prevent your granite countertop from looking permanently dirty due to stains left from acidic substances, make sure that you wipe up any spills on your granite countertop right away.

Do not let spills from things such as wine, soda and even fruit juices sit on your countertop for more than a few minutes before you clean them up. Even cooking oils can leave behind a stain on your granite countertops if left uncleaned for a long period of time.

#2 Use Coasters Under All Liquids

Make a habit out of putting coasters under all liquids that you sit on your granite countertops. Put coasters under drinks, such as soda and wine. You should also put coasters under other liquid substances as well, such as any cooking oils you keep on your countertop and any glass containers with liquid that you use for cooking, such as tomato juice. Put coasters under all glasses, cans and bottles that you leave on your granite countertops for more than a few minutes.

#3 Always Use Oven Mitts Under Hot Pans

Although granite is really strong and should be able to withstand the heat from having a hot pan placed on it, that is not a risk that you want to take. Always put an oven mitt or pad under any hot pan that you need to place on your granite countertop.

If you fail to protect your granite countertop from the extreme heat that can come off of a hot pan, there is a chance that your granite countertop will crack under the thermal shock that it is put under.

Putting oven mitts under hot pans also protects your granite countertops from the dirt that can get stuck to the underside of your pans. This dirt can scratch and damage your granite countertops.

Keep your granite countertops looking great by always cleaning up spills right away, putting coasters under all liquids and using oven mitts under all hot pans. Doing these things will protect your granite stone countertops from damage that will prematurely age them.