How To Choose And Install Gutter Guards

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How To Choose And Install Gutter Guards

4 October 2017
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The gutters on your home do a very important job. They divert water away from your foundation where it could potentially do a lot of damage. However, the gutters have to be in good working order for them to do their job properly. Gutters clogged up with leaf dams or bird nests will overflow rather than drain water through the downspout. One way to keep your gutters clean so they don't overflow is to have gutter guards installed. Here are a few tips for getting these guards on your home.

Choose The Best Type Of Gutter Guard

Different manufacturers make different kinds of gutter guards. When choosing the ones you want to have installed, consider the type of debris that gets inside your gutters. If you have trees with broad leaves, then most any guard system will work. However, if you have trees that drop tiny pine needles or seeds, then you'll want to choose a gutter guard that keeps them out. Some guards are made from wire screen or plastic mesh. The openings in these guards may be too wide to be effective if your home is surrounded by pine trees.

You can choose guards that sit on top of the gutters or guards that fit inside. Either type can be effective at keeping out leaves while letting rain filter through. The guards aren't easily seen from the ground, so appearance isn't a deciding factor. Instead, choose your guards based on how well they'll keep out the needles, seeds, and other debris that usually fills your gutters.

Have The Guards Professionally Installed

Gutter guards are usually easy to install. They may snap into place or be screwed into the gutters. While they may not be difficult to install, you should consider letting a professional do your gutter guard installation since it has to be done while working on a ladder and it can be awkward to handle the materials and apply them properly in that position. Also, you have to be careful not to damage your gutters. Aluminum gutters may dent if you lean against them trying to install the guards. You can even knock the gutters out of alignment so they no longer drain. Gutter troughs have to be at the proper slope to work properly.

Gutter guards can make a big difference in how well your gutters work when your home is surrounded with trees that litter the troughs with leaves. With fewer leaves in the troughs, cleaning the gutters every fall will be an easier job. Most importantly, without leaf clogs, your gutters will drain like they are supposed to and you can eliminate the risk of rain falling to the ground near your home and seeping into your basement.