A Few Reasons To Choose A Nanny Agency Instead Of A Day Care Facility

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A Few Reasons To Choose A Nanny Agency Instead Of A Day Care Facility

10 November 2017
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Finding someone to care for your children while you are at work can be nerve-wracking. You need to be able to trust the person, which will require doing some type of background check. You also want to be sure that the person is good with children and will keep them in line but not be too strict on them. You can choose between hiring a babysitter from the classifieds, going to a daycare center, or using a nanny agency.

A babysitter that you hire from the classifieds may be fine for the occasional night out, but should not be considered as a permanent solution. You would not have a back-up if the sitter is ill or does not show up, causing you to miss work. This leaves a daycare center or a nanny agency. Here are a few reasons to go with the nanny:

Your Home

Your children are most comfortable in their own home. They will have all their toys and their own beds for naps. They will be happier staying at home than going to a strange place. You won't have to worry about waking them up to get dressed, putting them in car seats, and driving to the daycare center. Also, If you have to stay late, or get stuck in traffic, you can call the nanny, explain the situation, and not have to worry about a center that is trying to close for the day. You will have to pay the nanny extra, but it probably won't be near the late fees a center will charge.


You will not be allowed to take a sick child to a daycare center. This will include a child with a fever. If your child becomes ill during the day, you will be called and expected to pick him or her up as soon as possible. A sick child means you have to miss work when you use a daycare center. A nanny will work while your child is ill. He or she will take the necessary precautions of not catching what your child has but does not have to worry about any other kids getting ill. Although you are not allowed to take a sick child to the center, sometimes a child is contagious but not exhibiting any symptoms. Your child will probably be ill more frequently when a daycare center and many other children are involved. If a nanny is ill, he or she will contact the agency and have a substitute sent to your home, keeping your child healthy.

Your children should be cared for by someone who understands how you care or them yourself and be willing to give them the same atmosphere. When many children are involved, they are not always treated the same way you treat them. A nanny is the best choice for keeping things stable for your kids.