Vinyl Vs. Wood Pergolas

I have always loved gardening, but a few years ago I realized that my garden needed a little tender loving care. I started focusing on perfecting my techniques and making the area stand out, and it was a lot of work. Before I knew it, I was adding a lovely pergola to part of the yard along with a nice play area for the kids, and it was really interesting to see how things were coming along. I wanted to create this blog to inspire other people to make their land more beautiful. Check it out for great information that could help you.

Vinyl Vs. Wood Pergolas

26 January 2018
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If you're a homeowner and you want to invest some of your extra cash into your property, you obviously want some sort of return on your investment. That is, not only do you want to actually improve a part of your home, you probably also want to increase the value of it. When it comes to residential upgrades, it is hard to think of all the possible projects you could invest in. A pergola might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But, a pergola in your backyard can provide shade, style, and a fun new space to enjoy. It can definitely add value to your home.

Choosing the Right Material

Wood is probably the first material that comes to mind when you think of pergolas. However, vinyl is another popular material. These two products obviously have a lot of differences that you need to take into account before investing.


Wood is hard to beat when it comes to reliability and style. The best thing about a wooden pergola is that it can be painted or stained. That is, you can paint it a solid color, or apply a clear or tinted stain to make it look more natural. It is really a matter of personal preference and finding a finish that matches with your existing house colors. Most people wan their pergola to match the trim colors around their home.

Wood is stylish but it does require more maintenance than vinyl. That is, your wood finish, whether it is paint or stain, needs to be reapplied every few years to combat fading. This is also important because it protects the wood. If you fail to refinish your pergola, the wood can deteriorate to the point that it becomes structurally unsound.


These are issues that you won't have with vinyl. Vinyl is not painted or stained, it is dyed. It is not as susceptible to fading. Also, it is perfectly water resistant. You'll never waste a minute painting or staining a vinyl pergola. To some people this is a disadvantage because they like being able to refinish their wood and change the color of it.

As you can see, vinyl is clearly the no-nonsense, low maintenance choice. Some people will still prefer wood because they can have more fun with it. It is really a matter of your long term goals and how willing you are to maintain wood. Contact a company, like Aluminum  Builders Home Center, for more help