Sprinkler Repair: Red Flags That Your System Has Sprung A Leak

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Sprinkler Repair: Red Flags That Your System Has Sprung A Leak

10 March 2018
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A leaking irrigation system is a major sign that your yard is ready for a sprinkler repair. Along with wasting water, a broken sprinkler won't provide your grass and garden with the hydration they need to grow and flourish.

How can you spot a leaking sprinkler? Take a look at the most common signs that are major leak red flags.

More Mud Than Usual

Are your pets tracking mud into the house after being outside? It could have just rained. But if the weather has been dry, the sudden mud may be a symptom of a broken or leaking sprinkler. As water leaks from your system, it drenches the dirt. This leads to muddy spots that seem to come out of nowhere.

You don't need to have pets to see sprinkler-related mud. Take a walk around your yard. If there are clear muddy spots, check for leaks near the damp dirt.

Puddling on the Grass

A leaking sprinkler system won't just soak the earth. It also gives the grass more water than it needs. The result of the excess water can show up in the form of puddles.

If your grass looks like it's just seen a serious storm, but the weather has been sunny and dry, it's likely that your sprinkler has sprung a leak.

New Fungal Growth

Some plants are prone to fungal infections. But that doesn't mean these vegetation diseases happen on their own. Whether you're seeing mold, mildew or another fungus, the culprit of the nasty condition may be a leaking sprinkler.

When a sprinkler system leaks it creates an excessively moist environment. Fungi thrives in the moisture. Without a water source, a fungal invader can't grow and spread. This doesn't mean that 100% of garden mold and mildew problems are caused by a leaky sprinkler. But it is one possible sign that something is going wrong with your irrigation system.

Different Colors of Grass

Some of your grass is emerald green, while other areas look dull and even brownish. Unless you have a pet that is spot killing your grass with their urine, it's possible that you're noticing a sprinkler leak. A leak in part of your system can cause uneven watering. This results in a hydration imbalance. You may even notice greener, taller grass growing near to the sprinkler head.

What should you do if you see one or some of these signs? Call a professional sprinkler repair contractor, such as from Abundant Water Sprinkler. Attempting to fix your irrigation system on your own can result in more problems than started with. But calling in an expert means that you can save your sprinkler — and your yard too.