A Terra Cotta Fountain Can Be Used To Enhance Your Restaurant's Outdoor Dining Area

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A Terra Cotta Fountain Can Be Used To Enhance Your Restaurant's Outdoor Dining Area

28 April 2018
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A terracotta fountain can be used to dress up an uncovered patio and provide the outdoor structure with a peaceful aura. If you have chosen to install this type of fountain on the patio dining area that is attached to your small restaurant, use the enhancement techniques below to draw attention to the fountain and provide a tranquil setting for your guests while they enjoy their meals.

Add Soft Music And Lighting

What better way to eliminate the stresses of the day than to listen to soft music and view trickling water as soft beams of light intertwine with parts of the water feature. Use speakers to pipe in the musical that you have selected and place the speakers on opposite sides of the patio. Purchase an LED light kit that contains colored bulbs.

When installing all of the equipment, keep in mind that wiring and electrical components should be placed in discreet areas that are out of view and that won't be in the way of your customers or pose the threat of an injury. Play the music and turn on the lights after the sun has set for the day. 

Surround The Water Feature With Foliage

Potted plants that contain tropical flowers and large leaves can be used to define portions of the fountain and provide the illusion of spending time in a natural environment that one might find deep in the woods or along a riverbank. Choose potted items that are varying sizes and set each plant on top of a holder that has casters secured to its base.

The rolling holders will allow you to easily mix things up if you would like to change the appearance of the fountain. Simply push each holder across the patio's surface until you have all of the plants arranged in the manner that you prefer. The rolling holders will also come in handy at the end of each day. Quickly move the plants and holders out of the way so that you can sweep or mop the patio's surface. 

Install The Water Feature In The Central Part Of The Dining Area

If you would like the fountain to be a focal point that all of your patrons can clearly see, select a central part of the dining area to install the fountain in. The only issue that you may encounter with choosing to set up the fountain in this manner is that the electrical cords that are secured to the water feature and lighting could cause one of your patrons to trip if the wiring isn't stabilized.

A thick rug or non-slip mat can be set on top of the wiring. Another option is to move tables and chairs around the fountain but to omit placing furnishings within the vicinity of the electrical cords. For more information, contact your preferred patio services.