Ways You Abuse Your Air Conditioner And How To Avoid Them

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Ways You Abuse Your Air Conditioner And How To Avoid Them

30 November 2018
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Even if the summer is coming to an end or spring is just beginning, your air conditioner is a unit you rely on to keep your home comfortable. Your AC unit should be taken care of properly so you have ample cool air whenever you want it. Without an air conditioner, your house will heat up quickly, especially if you have a poorly insulated home or you live in a really hot area.

There are things you're doing that you likely don't know make your air conditioner wear out sooner. You should have repairs made as soon as your AC unit starts to wear down and avoid doing the following things to keep your AC unit in great working condition for longer.

Changing the temperature

If you can't decide just how cool you want your home to be, it's natural and easy just to adjust your AC unit's thermostat. This allows you to have custom cooling whenever you want. However, this also causes your air conditioner to work harder since it's always clicking on to meet your cooling needs.

You can avoid wearing out your air conditioner by picking a temperature on your AC unit and sticking to it. This will also help you save money on your energy bill since you won't be using so much energy when you are running your AC unit.

Storing your AC unit on its side

You should never store an air conditioner on its side because this can cause the freon that is used to help the unit stay cool to run out. Or, this can disrupt the way your air conditioner works later. Have your air conditioning contractor take down and store your AC unit for you every season when you are done with it. If you have any issues with your air conditioner when you place it in storage, your air conditioner repair specialist can make repairs at this time.

Using your air conditioner in a too-large room

Your air conditioner should be large enough in BTUs to serve the room it's in. If not, the unit will run constantly yet never be able to fully cool the area. Or, if your AC unit is too large for the room it's in, then the unit can over-cool the space and freeze as a result. You want to avoid this by talking to your AC specialist to help you buy the right air conditioner for your individual rooms.