All About Retractable Screen Doors

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All About Retractable Screen Doors

24 November 2019
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

You probably know all about screen doors and their benefits — specifically, that they let you leave the door open without letting in insects and other pests. However, screen doors also represent a big installation, with a fair amount of attendant maintenance. Enter the retractable screen door, which is a lower profile version of the standard model.

Retractable Screen Door Basics

A retractable screen door is a little like a roller shade. It consists of a flexible screen that rolls up on itself like the shade. However, the screen rolls into a vertical casing attached to the edge of the door jamb. When you engage the screen door, you unroll the screen and attach it to a fitting on the far side of the doorway.

You can use retractable screens for double doors, too. In this case, you have two casings with two screens. When you engage them, you pull them both out to meet in the middle. They use magnets to form a seal in the center of the doorway. With both styles, you usually have a track installed at the top and bottom to keep the screens sturdy when engaged.

Retractable Screen Door Benefits

In addition to the general benefits conveyed by a traditional screen door, retractable models offer their own advantages. For instance, as Chic Home Life points out, retractable models disappear when your roll them up. Therefore, they don't change the appearance of your house's façade.

Indeed, this disappearing act offers another benefit over traditional doors. With standard screen doors, they're always in place, so your view outside gets obstructed by that screen. With retractable models, you can roll them out of the way and have a clear line of sight.

Finally, retractable screen doors are ideal for any door, not just the standard size and shape. As mentioned above, you can fit them across double doors. However, you can also find retractable screens for arched doors.

Retractable Screen Door Features

When you're shopping for a retractable screen door, you want to be on the lookout for certain features. For one, you want a casing and fitting that complements your existing door frame. Likewise, you want the casing to be compact but sturdy.

Additionally, look more closely at the casing itself. Some models feature a microfiber lining or other cleaning pile that brushes the screen as you roll it back. This cleaner removes dust and debris, keeping the screen clean. Finally, test the retraction. You want a smooth operating door that moves at a controlled pace. You don't want it to snap back into its casing.

Look into a retractable screen door for any entrance to your home.