5 Reasons To Use A Canvas Canopy Over Your Patio

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5 Reasons To Use A Canvas Canopy Over Your Patio

24 February 2022
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A protected patio is a much more comfortable patio, especially when you need shade from the sun or protection from light rain. If you don't have a covered outdoor space, then a canvas cover for your patio may be a good option for improving the usability of your backyard with minimal effort. 

1. Retractable Options

Canvas covers can come in a variety of designs, but generally, they aren't designed to be left up all the time because wind and moisture can damage the cover over time. Retractable canvas covers are likely the most popular canvas cover design because these can be rolled up when not in use. Retractable covers are typically operated by a crank, a remote control, or even a phone app, so you can choose the method that is simplest and most convenient for you. 

2. Weather Resistance

Weather resistance is quite important for an outdoor cover. Canvas covers are typically highly weather resistant. Not only is the material chosen because it can resist sun fading, mildew, and other weather damages, but it is also typically further treated against moisture and UV damage. If properly stowed when not in use and periodically cleaned, canvas awnings can avoid damage and last for many years. 

3. Alternative Designs

Not all canvas covers are retractable. There are options for those with an area that needs a cover but isn't near a house wall to mount a retractable style. Pergola and free-standing cover frames are readily available. Keep in mind that the canvas covers that are placed upon these shade structures must typically be taken down at the end of summer and stored so winter weather doesn't cause damage.

4. Customizable Details

When many people think of canvas, they think of a relatively plain piece of material. The canvas used for outdoor covers is anything but plain, though. You can choose from a rainbow of colors and patterns, so it is sure to meet your design aesthetic. You can also have the cover customized to the size and shape of your patio so you have just the coverage you need.

5. Low Maintenance

Overall, canvas covers tend to be relatively low maintenance as long as they are installed correctly and put away when not in use, as directed by the manufacturer. It's a good idea to wash the cover down with a hose on a sunny day a few times a year, just always make sure it's dry before you retract it or put it away. You may also need to have it re-treated every few years for water and sun damage prevention.

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