Drapery Deceit: Busting Common Myths About Patterned Indoor Drapes

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Drapery Deceit: Busting Common Myths About Patterned Indoor Drapes

13 July 2022
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If you have been hesitant to purchase patterned drapes for your home for fear that they will look too bold or will appear outdated, you are not alone. In fact, patterned drapes often get a bad rap for no good reason. Busting the myths about patterned drapes will help you see how much beauty they can bring to your home and how great they will look when used properly. 

Patterned drapes are outdated

If the thought of patterned drapes causes you to go back in time to the paisley or floral prints in your grandmother's house, you may think patterned drapes are outdated and only something used in the past. However, today's patterned fabrics are anything but outdated or ancient. From modern geometric patterns to romantic cottage florals, today's patterned drapes can be used with any interior design theme and are available in various eye-catching designs.

Patterned drapes are too loud

Probably the most common myth, patterned drapes are often blamed for being too bold or creating too much distraction in a room. Learning how to balance the boldness of your drapes with other accents will help you create an attractive look in the room. For instance, use patterned drapes with solid furnishings and rugs to tone down the boldness when using bold colors and big prints.

Patterned drapes can never be used with other patterned fabrics

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to learn how to mix and match patterned prints. Playing with prints is the solution and can easily be done with a little creativity and experimenting with prints to see what looks best. For instance, if you have a pair of checked drapes, you can safely use them in conjunction with a floral sofa or accent chair to create a charming look.

Just make sure you use different patterns rather than fabric in the same design family. Do not mix florals with other florals or geometrics with a different geometric pattern. Mixing the same pattern family can create a distraction and be hard on the eyes.

Your home should be a unique reflection of the things you love and value most. When it comes to purchasing drapes for your home, you should forget trends and select fabrics based on what you love and what you think would look great in a room. If that drapery fabric happens to be a bold print or charming floral, busting common drape myths will help you use prints with confidence.

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