Petite Retreat: How To Create Your Own Personal Sanctuary In One Weekend

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Petite Retreat: How To Create Your Own Personal Sanctuary In One Weekend

9 September 2022
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Do you long to have a space in your home that is just for relaxing, reading, or taking a break from the busyness of life? If so, look no further than your local home improvement store. Choose a corner or window in your home to set up your sanctuary and add a few essential pieces to create your own happy space in as little time as a weekend.

Find a spot

A corner of any room will work well for setting up a petite retreat space. However, if you have a great view from a window, you may want to set up your space there. You only need an area big enough for a chair and a bookcase or shelving for your space. 

You can also set up your space in an unused walk-in closet, under a stairway, or in a small offset in a room. Any small area has the potential to become your favorite space in the house.

Shop for your essential items

A comfortable chair is a must-have item for your personal retreat. An unfinished rocking chair is a good option and can be painted in any color you wish. You can add comfort with a chair cushion for the seat and the back of the chair.

A bookcase or shelving is necessary for displaying your favorite accent pieces, photos, or books you want to read. You should also purchase a floor lamp for the side of your chair to give you plenty of light for reading or working on crafts and a small accent table to hold a drink and a snack.

Add textiles

If your spot is next to a window, a cheerful drape or curtain topper can help to set your space apart from the rest of the room. Area rugs are perfect for marking off your personal area and will also add color and warmth to your mini-retreat space. Do not forget to purchase a soft throw or blanket to drape over the back of your chair for additional comfort or to add a pop of color to your space.

Creating a personal retreat space in your home will serve as a visual reminder that you need to take time out for rest and relaxation. All it takes is a few items from your local home improvement store to create your space. The only regret you will have is that you did not create your retreat space sooner.